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Author Sandra Bellamy
Author Sandra Bellamy

Non-fiction Quirky Books are specialist books for specific niches, and books that solve a problem with a difference or quirky twist.

Quirky books specialises in the Absolute Beginners Guide series, and often give insight into how to solve a problem in a non-conventional manner. Quirky Books often defy traditional writing conventions in some way, and are first for crossing certain genres.

Author Sandra Bellamy

Hey there, thanks so much for stopping by my Quirky Books Author page.

I am Sandra Bellamy, owner of Quirky Books publishing company. I am a published Author and an award-winning businesswoman. I specialise in writing non-fiction.


My mission is to get YOU to EMBRACE YOUR QUIRKY in your life and business, to live a HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL, and FULFILLING existence!

My aim is to empower you to live your best life through the written word, so you can be your true authentic self and the best version of you, regardless of what anyone else says, thinks, or does.

Many of us lack certain skills that would improve our quality of life, our communication skills, solve a problem and take us to a more intelligent and knowledgable level. That’s where I come in. I have been training in the personal and professional development arena since 2012, from some of the top entrepreneurs and specialists in their field. And I also have a ton of knowledge, skills and life experience, to help you improve your own life!! I am also passionate about writing – so you are in luck!!!

There is a wealth of knowledge available now on the internet, but it can still take considerable time to trundle through all the blog posts, videos, articles and posts on a certain topic. And then it can get confusing as to which one is right, which one you should do, not to mention all of the distractions surrounding those. What you need is focus, and to have a book that gets to the heart of your problem, and gives you the answer you are looking for, in the quickest time, with minimal distraction. But fear no more, if you need a problem solving and it’s a topic I know about, your problem is solved, right here, with a Quirky Book.

ABOUT SANDRA BELLAMY – How it all began!!

Sandra was made redundant in 2009. She realised how depression can take hold during redundancy and that excess stress and anxiety can rear their ugly head. Sandra found unconventional ways to counteract and eradicate depression from her life, to manage and lower her anxiety levels, and to live a happier and more fulfilling existence. Some of which will be shared in her books. In fact, it was her second period of redundancy that was the catalyst for Sandra to change her life around and become the positive inspirational writer that she is today, it was then, that she realised she was born to write.

Her mission since 2010, was to help others to get back into work and empower writers to move their career forward. Sandra still offers free access to a wealth of information, help and resources, for those who have been made redundant on her and websites, and provides inspiration on her blog. She gives advice, guidance, inspiration, hints and tips for writers on her blog here, and at

During her 21 year career, Sandra has spent over seven years in management. Her roles involved interviewing, recruiting, training and coaching staff. Sandra has been made redundant twice and has had to work her way back up the ladder. She got back into work using her writing skills and knowledge of the recruitment process from both sides of the fence.  Sandra shares her insider knowledge and secrets to help you to get a job in her first digital book, Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work, An A-Z, How-To Guide. This first ever Quirky Book, takes a holistic view of redundancy and is a complete A-Z guide for getting your life back on track and you, back into work!

A self-admitted insomniac!

Sandra lives in Exeter, in the UK, not far from the Quayside, with her 2 guinea pigs, Chestnut  and Angel. A self-admitted insomniac, she prefers to write during the evening and night, as this is when she feels most focused and at her writing best. Sandra prides herself on being quirky, so if you are looking for books with a genre twist or out-of-the-box thinking, you will certainly love what Sandra has to offer.

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